The Type of Writer I Want To Be

The term “social portraiture” turned up in something I read recently and it has stayed in my mind ever since.  I think of Tom Wolfe, for example, and his Bonfire of the Vanities.  What is […]

Shanghai Diary

Ever hear the expression “Shanghai’ed or Chaing Kai’d”? The correct expression is “Shanghai’d.” It was coined to describe what happened when drunken sailors in the port of Shanghai passed out, were kidnapped, thrown into the […]

Blowing Smoke in Shanghai

NEWS FLASH! There are 1.9 billion Chinese and they all smoke! Buy PM, MO, LO and any other cigarette stock you can find. They smoke in office buildings, restaurants, stores, bathrooms. I’m getting some of […]

Hong Kong Diary

Well…now it’s 2 am and, despite a wonderful dinner with wine, a hot steam bath and a massage my eyes are as open as a Starbucks before the morning rush hour. Yesterday we visited the […]

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